Today’s Choices® is a new, innovative social media application for iPhone and iPad mobile devices. Todays Choices gives quick, easy access to educational information (i.e. Choices) organized into topics and is targeted for people of all ages who need advice for themselves, or to share with others. A few examples of Choice Topics include: Faith, Finance, Health & Fitness, Kids, Cars, Sports… there are many more and more to come. So, when you want quick and easy-to-access educational information, be sure to turn first to Today’s Choices, because we all so often have to make important choices. Download Today’s Choices today. Because we all have to make choices!

  • Compatible with your Apple iPhone and iPad running iOS 7.0 or later
  • Navigate Choices by a topic
  • Choice Topic displayed with an Image and Description
  • Choice displayed with an Image, Description, links to Media, and links to Resources
  • Search for a Choice
  • Create a new Choice Topic
  • Edit an existing Choice Topic
  • Create a new Choice
  • Edit an existing Choice
  • Create private Choice Topics and Choices
  • Comment on an existing Choice
  • Rate an existing Choice
  • Share a Choice on Twitter, Facebook, Message, or Email
  • Affordable - only $1.99
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