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MaxStand Guarantee
If Big Cob Hybrids’ seed germination does not meet your standards, Big Cob Hybrids will replace the seed for replant at no cost to you.

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Read and Agree to Terms and Conditions
In order to be eligible for the MaxStand Guarantee, growers must plant after the agreed insurance early planting date for their region. Big Cob Hybrids’ MaxStand Guarantee is assured for germination only. Big Cob Hybrids is not liable in any way for replant of seed due to compaction, disease, insects or any other environmental condition. Big Cob Hybrids is also not liable for any post emergence replant such as hail, freeze or any other environmental conditions. The field must be inspected by a Big Cob Hybrids representative. The cost share with the insurance company will be shared with Big Cob Hybrids to cover replant seed if the insurance company recommends replant for germination reasons.
I acknowledge that the MaxStand app gives me a recommended planting rate based on germination test results conducted for my desired seed lot. By signing this form, I take full responsibility for the decisions I will make on my farming operation. I will not hold Big Cob Hybrids responsible for any planting population decisions I will make based on the MaxStand App.

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